Project Overview

A longtime client, Paul Kite, contacted us concerning a commercial office park that he is developing in conjunction with the town of Zionsville. Mr. Kite explained that he had a client in another state interested in securing one of the lots he was selling; however, the client indicated that they could not commit to purchasing the property. Mr.Kite requested a few photos and a video to show the client the current stage of development and convey the scale of the project. We were told that the client was interested in a few other locations and was trying to make a decision soon, so time was of the essence.

Three hours after Mr. Kite’s initial inquiry, we were able to send him 40 edited photos and a two-minute promo video. Mr. Kite was extremely pleased with the quality and response time of our work. With the help of our services, Mr. Kite has gained a major advantage over competitors who may not utilize the drone technology.

Project Type



Kite Realty