Project Overview

The goal of every commercial realtor is to rent vacant space as quickly as possible. Drew Weaver, from Warner Retail Group, contacted us to help him do just that. Drew told us that one of the main challenges to leasing a building at Intech park was that brokers failed to realize the amount of daytime traffic in the area. A common tool for commercial realtors is to post daily traffic counts for streets near their listings. In the case of Intech park, the majority of traffic is concentrated between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on weekdays. With that in mind, Indiana Drone Photography took several videos shot during peak traffic periods. We then provided Drew with a 15 minute bird’s-eye view video from 400 feet showing traffic flowing around and into his property. After receiving the video, Drew told us that it exceeded his expectations in every way. In particular, he stated that the bird’s-eye view video was instrumental in getting his vacant building rented.

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Warner Retail Group